Background: The Response (Part 1)

Michael Battista

Michael Battista, Solicitor

The initial response date was set for 29 May 2011.  After getting over the initial shock, I went into “research mode” and worked on preparing my own response (it’s not as if I had been idle for all those months, either.)

I knew then (and still know now) that I do not wish to take the drugs; I have a variety of reasons for this, based on my own research, my fundamental moral objection to supporting what I consider to be criminal corporate enterprises, and my own personal experiences. Of course, from what I could tell that is not an argument that I’m even allowed to advance, so I had to distance myself from this whole affair and think of it as objectively as possible.

Here is the document that I authored: Response to CIC Final (redacted)

And the cover letter that I attatched to this: CIC Letter May 29 2011 (redacted)

My attorney had requested an extension of time back in April 2011, but as of 29 May 2011 we had not received agreement to extend the deadline.

In early June 2011 we received permission for an extension of time to file until July 27, 2011.


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