The Rejection Letter

CIC Decision December 2011

Merry Christmas!

CIC Rejection Letter

This letter was short and sweet: “we’ve considered your application, but still find you unworthy to be a permanent resident of Canada.”

The closing line (“Thank you for your interest in Canada”) came across as a rather harsh joke, to be honest, and I picked it up as the byline for my blog.

I knew that a decision had been made, since I checked Ecas once a week.  I checked on Thursday 29 December 2011 (one week after the letter was sent.)  I immediately sent a note to my attorney and received an auto-response indicating he would not be back until the following Thursday.

Coincidentally, I was working in New York City the week of January 2, 2012.  Not only, was I in New York, I was working in 1251 Avenue of the Americas – the very building that houses the Canadian Consulate in New York.  I went in to the Canadian Consulate on Wednesday to see if I could obtain a copy of the decision letter.  It didn’t seem like an unreasonable request – I’m there in the same building, how difficult would it be to simply obtain a copy of the letter.

The joke was on me: while the guards at the Consulate were very polite, there wasn’t much they could do.  One of them took my paperwork and called upstairs.  The response?  I had to send an e-mail via the online system.

So I sent an e-mail to them (done via a form on the consulate specific website,) indicated that I would be in New York City through the close of business the next business day, and could I please obtain a copy of this letter, since my attorney was away on an extended holiday break.

Their response came more than 48 hours later (their service time is “no more than 48 hours”):

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email. In order to obtain a copy of the letter sent to your representative, it will be necessary for you to cancel this representative. To do so, please provide this office an updated Use of Representative form (IMM 5476).


Immigration Section
Consulate general of Canada
New York, NY

I’m sure whoever write it must have laughed, because of course they would have known that I’d been rejected.  Indeed, later when I spoke with my attorney he confirmed that I had been rejected.

3 thoughts on “The Rejection Letter

  1. Surfing around I noticed your website bookmarked
    as: The Rejection Letter | Canadian Immigration and
    Medical Inadmissibility. I’m assuming you bookmarked it yourself and wanted to ask if social bookmarking gets you a lot of visitors? I’ve been contemplating doing some social bookmarking for
    a few of my websites but wasn’t certain if it would produce any positive results. Thank you.

    • Actually, I had nothing to do with that bookmark. The only thing I did to promote this blog was to make sure it was being indexed by Google. I have no commercial interest in anything I post here and really put this information out as a matter of public interest. The most I get out of it is a bit of catharsis for explaining my own nightmare trip through the immigration process.

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