Taking the plunge: another medical exam

Doctor Patient Picture

Booking a meeting with the doctor

The process of obtaining a physical examination is a bit different for spousal sponsorship than it is for federal skilled worker immigration – in the latter, you wait until they send a form saying “go get your physical” while in the family sponsorship category they have you go get it up front:

If you are applying under the family class and being sponsored as a spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent child, then you should complete your medical examination before submitting your application.

That’s actually encouraging since a medical examination is technically only “good” for a period of 12 months – suggesting that they expect the entire process to be done in a year. Let’s hope.  From what I’ve read, if one sends a complete file the processing can actually go quite rapidly.

I’ve spent the past couple of days filling out all the paperwork.  I’m now down to just a handful of things remaining to be done:

  • pay the right of permanent residence fee (not required but I’ve read that this will speed things up – assuming the application is successful.)
  • medical examination
  • FBI clearance (I sent that in already, just waiting for it to come back, which could be in February or March.  I COULD submit without it and then send it along when I have a file number, but there is a certain advantage to having it all done and complete in one package
  • Supplementary materials in support of the legitimacy of our marriage.  Maybe other people are good at remembering exact dates and places: “when did you first meet?” – I know roughly when and even where we met, but exactly?  Of course, one thing that I’ve enjoyed about this is thinking back to those heady initial days.  Not that a visa officer will care about that sort of thing, of course.  So the fact that the landlord still hasn’t returned an executed copy of our apartment lease (hey, it’s only been 7 months, why rush things?) is now a bit more than a minor annoyance.  We do own a car together and have bank accounts together, have traveled together and I’m off looking through telephone records (ugh!  we mostly text!) and pictures (call me a die hard romantic, but there are some that just make me tear up.)

It’s quite a pile.  Since I can’t seem to get a straight answer to almost anything I now have to mull over whether or not to send in this whole pile and request a temporary resident permit.  As I previously noted, a simple reading of the CIC website pretty clearly says that I’m not eligible for a spousal sponsorship, even though other people say that I am.  The only way to really tell is to submit the application and see what happens. Ugh!

I’ll keep going over the application to make sure I haven’t missed anything, but having my previously filed application has been immensely helpful in preparing the new one (try remembering everywhere you’ve ever lived since you turned 18!)


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