Filing for a Temporary Resident Permit

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Awaiting a decision

So I’ve taken the plunge – my application is in the mail today. It includes all of the documents (hand-written – the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application has not been converted to an online fillable form AND it is region specific.) I have sent it to the nearest Consulate (Seattle). It includes the completed application, a (three page) cover letter and supplementary materials (which included the rejection letter from New York and the draft application for spousal sponsorship.)

I’ve not been able to determine what happens if the TRP is rejected, but I suspect it will make my life even more difficult.  On the other hand, I’ve put myself into a category in which the TRP is normally granted.  The one thing I have not done (yet) is actually file the spousal sponsorship application, as I’m waiting for my medical examination (February 6), my FBI clearance (when that happens remains an open question but this time around I used a credit card to pay the fee, so I should see when they charge it), and CRA income verification paperwork (for my spouse – even though income isn’t actually an issue in spousal cases.)  I also have a couple of supporting letters for which I have agreement from the people involved to write, they just have to be completed and signed off (and my sense is we have time to complete them.)

The entire package I sent to Seattle was around a half kilo (perhaps a bit more) of paper in support of the application.  It’s all pertinent material, and I hope that this is sufficient.

If I am successful in obtaining a TRP, my expectation is that it will be valid through September 2012 (when my work permit expires.)  Then I can file for an extension of both the work permit and TRP simultaneously.  By that time, my sponsored family class application should be well under-way and I would expect that both the work permit and the TRP will be renewed.

If I am NOT successful then I’m not exactly sure what my position will be.  At best it will be the same as I have now – the perennial threat of being refused entry into Canada at the border.  In the interim, I will keep a copy of my application materials with me whenever I have to travel out of the country (sadly, that’s a reality of the process at this point.)  I’ll be in a stronger position once the file has actually been submitted for processing.


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