Being helpful – or not?

Offering help

Offering a helping hand

Over the past couple of days I’ve sent e-mail to my attorney offering to assist as well as offering my own thoughts.  I suspect that my “insight” probably isn’t appreciated all that much.  I’ll try to keep from becoming annoying (and anyone who has read this far probably has picked up on the fact that I can be a bit intense.)

At any rate, I’m going to lay low for a bit (at least with respect to pestering my attorney) and let him do his thing.  I’d expect I’ll see something (in draft form) from him around the 20th of the month since the filing deadline is the end of the month.


1 thought on “Being helpful – or not?

  1. No matter what happens this is part of who you are. I’m sure the attorney will take that into consideration as this is truly a stressful process for anyone to bear. I’m sure that it will all work out in the end with everything and by the looks of it you have Plan B and C in place.

    Though remember to breath and centre yourself again. There are people that love you and will support you no matter what.

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