Gulp… planning the first trip out of Canada

airplane image

Getting ready for my next trip

So I will need to travel to the US soon; I don’t even know the details of the trip yet, although it’s just a week away (this isn’t that uncommon.)  It will involve multiple stops (at the moment it looks like Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit – then that first crossing back into Canada for a meeting in Toronto, New York, back to Seattle and then home.)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about the whole affair.  I’ve certainly crossed the border numerous times (since my first border crossing in August 1967.  I had to check with my mother to get to at least the right month although the CIC forms ask for this in the standard day/month/year format.)  I crossed back into Canada last month, so this isn’t even the first time since being denied.

Of course, I’m now tweaking buttons here – I’ve requested judicial review, I’ve taken the (perhaps questionable step) of requesting a TRP from Seattle, I even sent some more documents to New York City (although I expect they’re just going to toss them in the trash, the fact they weren’t showing on the CAIPS notes I received yesterday bothered me because it means they didn’t consider my input into my own case.)  Rocking the boat means there’s a greater likelihood of getting wet.

I will be carrying a stack of documents with me though – “just in case”.  I suppose I’ll be appealing on H&C grounds (e.g., my spouse is in Canada, my home is in Canada, my job is in Canada, my employees are in Canada.)  Of course, I will also be showing that I’m not an imminent threat to cause the collapse of the Canadian health care system due to my excessive demand (let’s ignore the fact that my financial contributions alone far outstrip even the estimated costs.)

Ironically, the only real health issue I have right now is related to excessive stress.  Needless to say, this isn’t really what the doctor ordered.


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