New forms!

immigration forms

Immigration Forms

So I was going over the forms (again) and found that the CIC website now has a new IMM1344E form (the “E” by the way means it is in English.  The “F” version is in French.)

What’s amazing is that this form changed in December 2011 (replacing the previous two form combination.)  I’m glad I caught this – I suspect sending the wrong form to CIC would lead to at least a slower processing time and more likely a return of the entire application back to us.

The big advantage to the new form seems to be that it generates a barcode cover page.  By using 2D barcode technology, it means that when it arrives at CIC they can simply scan it and all the data is entered.  Less chance for errors (the barcodes have error correction data within them) and faster processing.  While not new technology, I assume it’s part of trying to streamline the CIC application processing system.  The downside is it means we’ll be one of the first people to try it out.

I was also excited to see that my credit card was charged by the FBI, which means someone in West Virginia has opened the envelope.  This usually seems to mean that the application will be processed in the next couple of days.  So – assuming there are no issues with the fingerprint card – I should get back my “no record found” response soon as I provided them with my FedEx account number.

With my FBI letter in hand, I’ll have everything I need to submit the new application.  I’ll pay the “Right of Permanent Residence” fee (printing out the oh so critical receipt), go through the application one more time, get it externally reviewed and then pop it in the Federal Express Envelope (or more likely box at this point) and ship it off to Mississauga.  Then we wait; at the moment it is taking around 2 months for them to open the application package.  If they are happy with the sponsorship they will send it along to Buffalo.  If they are not happy with something the process will slip off the tracks and we’ll have to wait and see how long it ultimately takes.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but my prior experience suggests that this could be a long road.

Maybe I should start a betting pool as to which will happen sooner: spousal sponsorship will be accepted or judicial review will be granted (or denied).


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