Fear and Loathing at the Border

So today I crossed the border.  I did it in a rather peculiar location – I took the tunnel bus from Detroit to Windsor.  It’s a very short ride.  And if things had gone sour, I could have turned back around and returned to my hotel room.

In this case, I was the only person on the bus.  As a favour to the bus driver, the CBSA officer inspected me at the entry booth rather than sending me to the secondary inspection station (there was a Greyhound bus parked at the secondary inspection post.)  I presented my Nexus card and he asked more questions than I usually get: “where do you live?” and when I told him, he asked “what is your status in Canada?’  I told him that I worked here, and he wanted to see my work permit, which I showed him.

He never looked at the computer systems though, which I know means he’d be happy.  My documents are all in order.  What I’m afraid is that some notation will show up in my online files/records.  Of course, I haven’t exactly helped that, either.

Speaking of which, the other knife in the guts was when I texted home to see if my T4 had shown up (it would be useful for the forthcoming application we’re filing in Federal Court this week).  I was told that it had not, but that a letter from CIC had.  With a bit of trepedation I asked “which office” and after a bit received an answer “Seattle”.  My stomach was in knots.  Recall that I submitted a TRP application to them?  I was seriously thinking “if they answered that quickly it is a denial.”

About 30 minutes later I was able to obtain what I wanted to know: it was an acknowledgment of receipt.  I haven’t seen the exact letter, but my recollection of the gist was: “this will take 3-6 months to process and is unlikely to succeed.”  But it means they have the file.

I’ll order my first round of CAIPS/GSSM notes on it when I get back.  I don’t expect it will say much, but at least I’ll be able to see where they are and what they are thinking (perhaps).  I’ll keep doing that every little while (since it takes 4-6 weeks to get the notes back.)  I’m also going to send in a copy of my completed spousal sponsorship application (since that is part of the basis of my application.)  And anything else that I think might support my request.

What drives this?  That nagging fear that I’m going to be heading home and stopped at the border with the “sorry, you are inadmissible to Canada”.  I know it is low probability, but I cross the border so often that it even low probability makes me incredibly nervous.  The thought of being told I cannot go home to my family, my home, and my employees is a truly dreadful feeling.

I hope that this never happens.


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