Nervousness and waiting


Something to pass the time while I'm waiting.

So it’s just after 1:30 pm PT, which means that my daily ritual of checking the registry website “makes sense” as they would be closed in Toronto.  I suppose it’s possible the decision will be made elsewhere (like here in Vancouver) in which case they could post it as late as 4:30 pm PT.

The interminable waiting is surprisingly stressful.  Fortunately, I’ve had my work to keep me busy, and this past weekend I volunteered to assist at a regional athletic competition, which involved very long days.  Plus, today is the deadline for filing taxes (they are done, I just have to walk them over to the tax service office and drop them off before 4:30 pm.)  I don’t owe any money, so even if late, there’s no penalty.  Then again, since I’m getting a refund, I’d rather get them in sooner.  Usually I get them in by the end of March, but this year I didn’t make it – and somehow April has evaporated.

Still, I keep the court docket up in my web browser and periodically check to see if there is any sort of update.  It will be two weeks tomorrow that the case has been sent to the Court for disposition and most decisions seem to come down at around the three week mark.  I know my attorney has asked me to withdraw the sponsored application and I will write up the documents to do so this week, but my thinking is to hold onto that until we get a decision on the review application – right now it looks like we’re about five weeks out on them even opening the application so I’d rather wait a bit longer – after all, if review is turned down I’ll at least be a couple months into the sponsored application process, which seems to be a net plus.

Ah well.  Time to try and ignore the elephant in the room and find other things to keep me occupied.  Fortunately, work has been VERY busy, which makes staying distracted easier.  Still, I wake up at night worrying about this.  Life feels uncertain at this point, and it’s distinctly an uncomfortable feeling.


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