The Best Laid Plans…

Note:  I originally wrote this post on 11 October.

Yesterday afternoon I was excited to find that the USPS tracking website was now showing information for the prepaid Express Mail waybill for my passport – and presumably the holy “Confirmation of Permanent Residency”.

So I jumped into action – I wrote an e-mail to the folks in the US, alerting them to the incoming package and providing directions on sending it me here in Canada.  I discussed my plans for heading down to the US tomorrow in order to complete the “landing” process – this is the change in status from foreign national to permanent resident.  It’s really just a paperwork thing, but it’s the end-point of this entire process.

At  2 pm today – 5 pm ET  where my company’s offices in the US are located – I heard from them that the package never arrived.  So much for the “guaranteed delivery by 3 pm”.  But the last entry in their tracking system is:

Dispatched to Sort Facility       LOS ANGELES CA 90071                   10/10/12  6:52pm

So, basically, they haven’t seen it since yesterday evening – but USPS tracking is notoriously unreliable, though Express Mail is their best service offering.  This clearly illustrates why one can never count on anything in this process going “as expected”.  In all fairness, I would normally have used FedEx, given the choice, but there were exactly two options available to me: first class mail or Express Mail to a US address.

At any rate, I’m hoping that they find it between now and tomorrow.  Lurking in the back of my head is the “ugh, what if they LOSE it”.  It’s only my passport and that incredibly precious immigration document.  The passport can be replaced, but I have this fear that the only way to replace that immigration document will be to go through the whole process all over again.

So close to the end….